Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Diversify Your Salad World

Salads usually reach their highest consumption during summer. Falling into a salad rut seems to affect almost everyone. Re-examining the structure of a salad is one way of changing up the norm. Borrowing ideas from different countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Poland and Turkey are great ways to inspire one's self for new tastes.
If we look at vinaigrette and dressing composition, we can change the base of these to integrate more flavor. Instead of using a basic formula of 1 part acid and 3 parts oil, we can start with 1 part herb puree, 2 parts oil and 1 part acid. This slight change can drastically change the flavor of a vinaigrette in a new way.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


*Frothy Iberico ham, tomato confit, pinenut oil, smoked salt, sweet basil pearls*

With a new age of modern cuisine in the midst, chemistry is playing a more "star" role in cooking. With the introduction of various seaweeds and food chemicals, we can alter food in ways never before possible. Using sodium alginate, sodium citrate and calcium chloride together, we can make caviar or pearls out of many various liquids. We can have a similar effect by using reverse spherification with sodium alginate and calcium gluconate, this is best for liquids carrying dairy or high amounts of alcohol. With some simple knowledge and practice, almost anyone can jump into the future, or at least the food can!